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    We are membership experts who understand data.


    In many of the companies we have worked for a common issue has been the challenge of understanding member data and the difficulties created by a complex IT infrastructure with member data held in many different, unconnected systems.


    Membership Insights was created to solve this problem by combing our knowledge of membership with our knowledge of data and technology. We have developed a bespoke membership technology that allows us to combine data sets for disparate systems and to visualise them for our customers.


    For the last two decades our team has managed membership networks, events and learning, led membership organisations at Director level and worked in consultancy with over 25 organisations. Our team are digital experts with a wide range of experience developing digital and data strategies and developing analytics and reports in the membership sector.



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    Memberwise Recognised Supplier

    Membership Insights is a Memberwise recognised supplier

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    Tableu Desktop Specialist

    Membership Insights staff are certified Tableau Desktop Specialists



    How it works.


    Membership organisations often find it challenging to analyse their membership data, with information on members and services held in separate databases. We solve this problem by connecting your datasets and analysing your data to create business insight and data dashboards that help you deliver better membership services.


    Membership Insights collects your data from all your sources and uploads the information into our analytics database. We then structure the data to facilitate analysis across the different datasets and analyse the data to identify business insights and trends. These insights are then visualised in a dashboard designed for your needs. We report back our findings and give you access to the dashboard to allow you to further explore the data.


    It's that simple.

    Demonstration Dashboard

    See our technology in action

    Click the link to access our demonstration dashboard. You can click on different chart elements to analyse and segment the data.

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    Our Approach.


    To understand your data and give you meaningful insights we need to understand you as an organisation. We work closely with you, reviewing your business plans, strategy and current data to gain a deep insight into your organisation. Once we have extracted your data our advanced analytics tools enables us to combine datasets to provide new business insight. In analysing your data we work with you to identify the important trends and to create dashboards that you find useful and easy to use.


  • Services.

    Data Analysis


    Analysing your data to provide membership insight.


    We take your data and using our analytics database create data insights and visualisations that help you understand more about your membership.

    Public Data Comparison


    Compare your data to national datasets.


    With access to a wide range of public data sources, we can compare your data to national datasets. This allows you to understand how your members compare with the national population giving you deeper business insight.

    Data Consultancy


    Creating data strategies and data development roadmaps


    We provide consultancy services for membership organisations developing data strategies and the use of data to improve business efficiency and to improve business insight.

    Data Mapping


    Map your data infrastructure


    We can map your data infrastructure so you can clearly understand where you data is held, how it is being shared and what role it plays in your business processes.

  • Sectors.

    We have worked on data projects with membership bodies in many sectors including:







    Built Environment









  • Interactive Membership Modeller

    Use our free membership modeller to forecast your membership.

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    If you would like more details or have a project you would like to discuss please get in touch.



    "...our team works with you to understand your organisation and your needs so that we can create data insights and visualistions that help you deliver better membership services."





  • Data Protection.

    We deal with personal and sensitive information and we take our data security responsibilities very seriously.

    Whilst we are analysing your data our GDPR role is as a data processor. You retain control of how your data is used and you retain your GDPR responsibilities as the data controller. After your contract with us ends we will delete and destroy all your data.


    All your data is transferred through a Secure File Transfer Site, Sync, which uses the latest security technology.

    Our database is a cloud hosted system on Amazon Web Services and uses SSL data encryption to authenticate users and to protect data transmission.


    Our data visualisation tool is Tableau, a market leader, who use the latest security technology to protect data.

    All access to our systems is password protected and all our staff receive regular data security training.


    Membership Insights is a trading name of Charles Veal Ltd a registered company with the Information Commissioners' Office.


  • Case Studies.

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    Archives and Records Association

    The challenge – The Archives and Records Association base their fees on member self-declared income, members would join when they were in junior positions and as they progressed in their career a proportion of members neglected to update their self-declared income. The ARA wanted to understand the potential scale of underdeclared income, but didn’t have the tools to analyse their data.


    The solution – We took the ARA database and were able to analyse members based on their length of membership, age, fee level and current job titles. We managed to identify clusters of members who it seemed likely had progressed in their career allowing ARA to undertake a marketing campaign to encourage members to update their self-declared income and the membership fee they should pay.

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    Pentathlon GB

    The challenge – Pentathlon GB collects a significant amount of data on members and event participants, but they found it very difficult to analyse the data across more than one event and to answer questions such as are members taking part in more than one event? Pentathlon GB also found it hard to visualise where the members were on a map and to identify the most active members across the year.


    Our solution – Membership Insights took 85 data extracts from Pentathlon GB and structured the data so that we could analyse and visualise participation at Pentathlon GB events. We were able to show how often people attended events, their age profile, where they lived, which events were most popular and which organisations were taking part the most throughout the year. The data was also interactive allowing Pentathlon GB to explore the data in depth and supported the Pentathlon GB board in developing its new corporate strategy.

  • Resources.

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    Office for National Statistics

    UK data sets covering a range of sectors and demographics.

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    Google Datasets

    Extensive collection of public datasets from around the world.

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    The Alan Turing Institute

    The Alan Turing Institute is the national institute for data science and artificial intelligence.
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    Storytelling with Data

    Great ideas for imaginatively presenting data.

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    Tableau helps people see and understand data. Their visual analytics platform transforms the way people use data to solve problems.

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    Microsoft's leading data visualisation tool with native integration to Excel.

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    Google Data Studio

    Google's free data visualisation tool.

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    The UK’s independent authority set up to uphold information rights in the public interest, promoting openness by public bodies and data privacy for individuals.



    "...Membership Insights allows you to visualise your membership data, giving you new insights and helping you to improve membership services."




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